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[ 0:00: 00] Gentlemen, Antonio here. All freedom. Today, were going to talk about sleep specificallyhow you can use these five tips to get new and better sleep every single night. Guys, look around you, people are walkingaround like theyre zombies. I symbolize literally I was just speak some ofthe data, the average American is getting less than 7 hours and in a number of cases 6 to 5hours of sleep depending on what industry and, you know, vary what study youlook at, but people that is well below what most people need and youve probably heard8 hours of sleep, well, thats an average. Some people and very few of them need as fewas six hours, five hours. Most people need about eight if not a littlebit more. Me, personally I am a selfish sleeper, I liketo get at least eight hours, I would prefer ten hours of sleep. And, many of you guys are also thinking, Antonio, how am I going to be able to cram more things into my date. Go check out this other video Ive got onthe priority matrix, most likely youre bide hectic with things which arent givingyou much return on investment.In addition, Im going to give you fourmore gratuities to the five gratuities Im about to dive into over here at the subsistence articleat Real Men Real Style. So, again, go check out the foundation section, Im going to link to the research Im going to give you more tips-off, Im going togo into more details there. But, you guys are here for the five tips sonumber one, prioritize sleep. I alluded to it, but sleep alters your feeling, it feigns your storage, feigns your physical carry-on. In reality, extend look at the routines of the topathletes in all countries of the world and youre going to see that they nap they sleep, they are selfishsleepers. I was just talking to my friend, Ben Greenfieldand this person over in Spokane, Washington, he talks about how he gets about ten hoursat least and its a priority.And this is a guy with adolescents and Im goingto talk about obstructions here in a second, but Ive came four minors, I understand that someof you guys too are law students, perhaps you are working two jobs and like, Antonio, where am I going to find it. Guys, understand that lack of sleep is goingto shave years off of your life. And you may be working hard now, but whatif you cant enjoy it, whats the target. Too, think about weight gain, “ve been thinking about”, you are well aware, precisely the overall health of your body.If you dont prioritize sleep , nobody elseis going to prioritize it for you. And, when you have a family, I know for methe biggest barrier Ive went four boys, I have a wife who has a very different sleepschedule than me. Because of that, I had to set up organizations inmy life which Im going to get into here in a second. But, the point is it is a priority and thereforewith my babies weve set up a chore. I try to set up systems that protect me andenable me to get at least what I feel I need for a minimum because if I dont Im notgoing to perform well at my corporation. So, number 1, prioritize it. Number two, gives look at your meat. So, a great deal of you guys are just shooting yourselfin the foot because youre sucking chocolate the working day. And, you know, okay, dont sip coffeeright before you go to bed, but did you know it lodges in your organisation for six to fourteenhours when you are booze it.My personal ruler no coffee no caffeinateddrinks or anything afternoon. In addition, gives think about booze. So some of you guys like to drink maybe likea couple of glasses of wine-colored before going to bed, be try to move that a little bitearlier. The question with booze is it can help youfall asleep, but the second half the deep sleep is what it intervenes with, so alcoholcan have a very negative effect. Now, if you are used to drinking only a glassof wine with dinner, thats probably good to go. Now, what nutrients actually help you sleep better? Well, Ive done a little bit of, you know, quite a bit of research on this and I think it was it tryptophan? Actually, and trytophan was located in eggs, its going to be found in cheese, its going to be found in turkey and chicken, innuts and things like that.But, this right here this is going to increasethe amount of serotonin tiers in the mentality and this supposedly facilitates with sleep. So, feeing foods like that, you know, fordinner and not having a huge dinner, you dont want to eat a lot of spicy meat that yourenot used to eating because then youre going to have a stomach ache and then wake up inthe midriff of the darknes. So, list three having a bunked age programme. With four kids, this is incredibly important. I can tell you guys it makes ninety minutesfor us to go to be and, Im very realistic about that. When Im not realistic when I reckon I canget everyone to bed in less than thirty minutes, the majority of cases I flunk and I get frustratedand all of a sudden its 9:30, 10:00 at night and its precisely not departing very well.I know some of you guys dont have girls, youve gone, you are well aware, but if you are studying, dont save your studying til that lastmoment. You are not going to help yourself by crammingall nighttime the light before and going to get that exam without any sleep. So, take it from me, Ive gone through allthat, you need to start preparing on day one.[ 0:04: 49] Number four, create the appropriate environment. So, you want to have a nice berthed. I can tell you guys Im testing a bunked anda mattress, Ill get into that at last-minute video at a last-minute extent. But, over the last two years Ive been usingquality expanses, caliber comforters.Ive fixed a better environment that when I getinto my berthed, I look forward to coming into my bed. Sure, Ive got a beautiful woman in therewith me, but it helps when youve go immense membranes, when youve got a comforter thatsjust wonderful. I require you guys to go check out my friendSteve over at Vero Linens, an amazing companionship. Guys, you are well aware, Im not getting paid forthis, Ive precisely been using their expanses for couple of years.I love them. And what I really like about this is he actuallygoes instantly, I mean he bounced the middle person he gets his trash out of Italy. I make oh highend sheets, butwhen you lay in something like this, youre going to notice the difference. Think about it, you go to a hotel, guys, beento a five, four starring inn, you get into that bed and youre like, soul, I could stay hereall day. Why dont you have that at home? You spend onethird of their own lives in your bunked, have a great mattress, invest in you are well aware one thing I didnt even be informed about comfortersuntil I went over and I started following Steves YouTube channel which Im goingto link to right here, a great YouTube channel, unusually informational.But, I didnt recognize there were differentlevels of down feathers and a good deal of them reek really bad and theyre more susceptibleto being infected by tinges and things like this. So, you want to go with a higher quality downcomforter which isnt going to just last you one year and after one cleaning fall apart. You want something thats going to retainits mold that can be cleaned multiple times and can previous you about five years.Number five, if you accept electronic devicesinto your office, youre adjusting yourself up for disappointment. The phone, get yourself an alarm clock, dontuse this. You will get notifications. Youll forget that you signed up for thisnew app and its mail notifications all light right before your quiz. Gentlemen, be disposed of the smartphone in yourroom, be disposed of your tablet, get rid of the computer. I dont even have a television in my home. You “know what youre talking about”? Because Ive set up a organization that I spendmore experience with my children and Im sure I sure as heck would not allow it into my bedroom.So, be very careful about the electronic devicesyou allow in your room. Gentlemen, those are the five gratuities, if youwant more information, go check out the commodity at Real Men Real Style, Im going to a lotmore there. Let me know in the comments how many hoursof sleep you get a night and I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Bye .[ 0:07: 26] End of Audio.

Luxome Weighted Blanket | Washable + Removable Bamboo Cover

– [Product Reviewer] I wanna exhibit you my new weighted blanket via Luxome. I selected a full weighted blanket and most likely within the color of grey. This can be a bamboo quilt and it is removable so there may be this little zipper here and that you would be able to take off thiscover which may be very skinny. It is sort of a sheet materialthat effortlessly comes off and will also be washed for hygiene and then it may be ironed as well in order that it’s not wrinkled. And i’m going to exhibit you whatit appears like inside of without a cover. It looks more often than not justlike every other blanket and but inside you will see that it is sewn and in all these pockets are gonna be little tiny glass beads, and i know one of thequestions that I hear most is are you able to hear the beadskind of moving in there? Can you suppose them? No, this simply feelslike any ordinary blanket they usually’re so tiny, youcan barely, barely think them in case you put your finger nail on it, but otherwise, i will go like this and you can see, there is not any sound to it as opposed to it just beinga blanket that is moving.Which you could run your surrender it, there’s like no bumps or something, you do not believe the glass beads at all. They’re just so tiny in thereand but they give a weight that variety of simply decreases anxiety and makes you believe likeyou’re in a big heat hug and which you can additionally get these blankets in all types of differentcolors and styles. One of the preferred ways to get them is with the minky fabric which is kinda likeI’m gonna say plush fur and which you could get that with a sort of extraordinary colours as good.So once once more, that is theLuxome weighted blanket..