Purple Harmony Pillow Review (2020 UPDATE)

[ background music] Sarah Riccio: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis and if you’rewatching this video it’s because you want to know all about Purple’s newest pillow, the Purple Harmony. You’ve come to the right place because notonly am I going to answer all of your questions about the Purple Harmony, but I’m going totell you how it compares to Purple’s other pillows. Stay tuned. I’ve got the Purple Harmony in front of menow. Before we get into my first impressions ofit, I want to say throughout the course of this video, any questions come up or you wanta personal recommendation from me, please don’t hesitate to give me a holler in the commentssection below and I’ll be happy to help.The first thing I concluded when I unpackagedthis pillow is, it reminded us of a perfect symmetry between Purple’s first two pillows. What I represent by that is, like the OriginalPurple Pillow, it’s got this super bouncy quick response to pressure. I can tell that it’s got their proprietaryHyperElastic Polymer in it. Like the second pillow, the Purple Plush Pillow, it is a traditional contour and it’s much lighter in weight as compared to the Original PurplePillow. I’m sure you’re keen as I am to know what’sgoing on inside this pillow. Let’s take a closer look. Let’s begins with the extend textile. It’s made from a harmonize of polyester, nylon, and spandex mesh. Polyester is a naturally humidity wickingmaterial, so those of you who are prone to night sweats might get a little additional perkthere. As “youre seeing”, it’s got this nice stretchgoing on that in my view ameliorates the breathability, helps us sleep a little cooler.Then directly beneath the plow cloth isthe brand’s proprietary Purple stuff known as HyperElastic Polymer. If you’re familiar with the Original PurplePillow, you’re already familiar with HyperElastic Polymer. It’s the super durable, super bouncy proprietarymaterial from Purple itself. Unlike the Original Purple Pillow, the HyperElasticPolymer now only offsets up the structure of this pillow, and assistances it maintain its contour. Inside the core of the pillow is one solidpiece of Talalay latex. Talalay latex is known for its lightweight, its super buoyant and support, and really bouncy speedy response to pressure. Between the really bouncy HyperElastic Polymerand the super springy Talalay latex, you’re looking at one extremely bouncy pillow. What is that like to actually sleep on? Let’s take a closer look at each sleepingposition. After completely reeling around with the PurpleHarmony, I am pleased to report that it’s definitely an allposition pillow. Meaning that whether I was on my back or myside or my belly, I was certainly able to find my convenience area. That said, it’s important to know that thePurple Harmony comes in two different lofts, 6.5 tall and 7.5 tall.Personally, I did find either option to besuitable for all positions. Nonetheless, I will say that I perceived a littlemore comfort when I was on my belly with the shorter pillow, and a little more comfortwhen I was on my side with the taller pillow. Which builds smell because, at the end of theday, stomach sleepers need a shorter profile in order to maintain neutral sticker adjustment. Side sleepers need a little of a tallerpillow in order to really relieve pressure at the shoulder and keep backbone alignment. When it comes to back sleeping I detected bothto be super comfortable. If you’re taller or have broader shoulders, I recommend trying the taller pillow, the 7.5 profile. I think it’s just going to give you a littlebetter pressure relief as compared to the shorter one. Overall, I have to say I certainly experienced myexperience test the Purple Harmony.I’m unquestionably going to say that it’s my favoriteof all the Purple pillows. It offers this nice balance between supersoft and light, but also very supportive. It never loses its figure which again impressesme. That said, let’s take a closer look at thepros and cons to this pillow so you can better decide if it’s the right fit for you. There’s a lot that I’m tendency about the Purpleharmony and the first thing is balance. If you like the Original Purple Pillow butfind its 10 pound construction to be a little too dense and ponderous, and then you like thePurple Plush Pillow but found that it was a little bit too light-colored and soft, I think you’llfind that the Harmony strikes a perfect match between the two.Like I said earlier certainly strikes this balancebetween soft and encouraging that I recall would be beneficial to sleepers of all wordings. I also think that sleepers looking to sleepcool but don’t want to sleep on anything that’s actually cool to the touch would do well withthe Harmony. You got the cooled Talalay latex, thegridlike structure of the HyperElastic Polymer, and the mesh coating fabric that’s basicallyall coming together to promote a lot of airflow through the pillow and help it dissipate yourbody heat. Lastly, something that I always look for whenI’m pillow shopping is a nice charitable trial period. You get 100 full night’s to try this pillowbefore deciding whether or not it’s really the best fit for you. If within 100 daylights you decide it’s not theright are suitable for you, really mail it back and you’ll be fully refunded. Of direction there are some things to considerabout the Harmony before you represent your obtain. First of all, it’s not for cache foam fans. If you’re looking for a recognition sud feel thatoffers that sluggish drop and that deep moldable slow-witted response to pressure, you’re not goingto find that here.Instead, it’s got that really buoyant, springingsupport, super brightnes and immediate response to pressure that really causes you remain more ontop of the pillow, rather than seriously capsizing into it. Other things to consider are wash care andprice. When it comes to wash care, the cover-up fabricis easily removable and machine washing and dryable. However, everything else is recognise clean only. You can take a damp cloth and mild detergentand recognise cleanse this pillow as necessary, but the cover textile is the only thing that’sactually machine washable. The other thing to consider is rate, andat about 160 bucks, this pillow is just not going to be in everyone’s budget. Remember to keep in mind you get a nice longtrial period of 100 nights, and it’s also backed by a oneyear warranty.[ background music] Sarah: That’s it from me, but for every lastdetail on the Purple Harmony, be sure to check out my full written asses which is linkedbelow.Remember, I’ve inspected Purple’s other pillows, we reviewed Purple’s mattresses. If you want to know more about Purple commodities, just google Sleepopolis Purple, it’ll all come right up. I do hope you discovered this review to be helpful. If you did, be sure to like and subscribeto our direct. Follow us on social media, we’re always uploadingmore content with an aim to get you some better sleep. Well, thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time ..

Purple: Official Kickstarter Video

The mattress enterprise has a seriousproblem. The quandary is the mattress. And there is nothing quite like mattressshopping. Didn’t even feel me slide in there didyou? What? That is the reminiscence foam! Now let’s talk about what it is going to take to get you in such a! Wow! Comfy, and the craziest part is that youpay a premium for that kind of revenue experience. However howdy! For that cost with a bit of luck that you could subsequently sleep readily.Nope. Same historical mattress science, same ancient back ache. However what? We arescientists and reputable sleepers, and we knew of a better approach to sleep comfywithout having to pawn the dog. And that is why we invented red. The world’s first ever Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress. If it sounds a little sciencey, that is on the grounds that it’s. The only actual innovation in mattress tech considering the fact that 1926, when foam mattresses were cool. First-rate-grandma Sue was once one of these hipster.Purple is extremely at ease and is one-of-a-kind than any other mattress you’vetried. Let’s take a moment to appear at how pink compares to other mattresses outthere. Reminiscence foam isn’t fun for leaping. It allows for your body to sink in, then keepsinking, unless you’re caught, and scorching, and sweaty. Spring mattresses are enjoyable forjumping, however all those Springs want to do is spring up where you need them to sinkdown, inflicting you to sleep as with no trouble as pinball. Purple — though no longer great forjumping, is perfect for drowsing. Pink is delicate and company at the same time,depending on what subject of your physique it is touching.And crimson will by no means everleave a physique affect on your mattress. Why? Because we’re scientists and we made it that way. We design red how you may customdesign your high-quality buddy. You recognize — if you could try this. Pink will take thepressure so you don’t ought to, and it can be there to support you when and where youneed it the most. That suggests body alignment. When Purplefeels the strain, like under your hips and shoulders it, releases so that you cansleep comfy. Providing you with the aid you crave, and aligning your physique so youdon’t have got to preserve your chiropractor on retainer anymore. And pink is temperature impartial and enables for a lot of airflow, so no moresweaty nights. Because the avid sleepers that we are, we know that it takes your physique a bit time to regulate to a brand new mattress.And that is why we present a reliable-why-now not-are attempting-it-100-night-warranty. And on the off chance you don’t love it, noworries. We will opt for it up out of your condominium gratis. And you’ll get a wholerefund. Purple is the end result of 26 years of study and progress. We have been doing this for a even as, and our technological know-how has been licensed to brandslike, Nike, and, Dr. Scholl’s. So yeah we do be aware of what we’re doing, and here’s whatever to chew on: pink is made in america from entirely non-poisonous, meals-grade fabric that is correct. Meals grade however we like dozing onit better than eating it. And in red we sell direct to the patron which means that no middleman markups and no markups only for marking up sake. We suppose thateveryone should be equipped to afford the world’s fine mattress. You’re welcome. Now maybe you consider your mattresses all right. Good the purple mattress topper turns all right relief into all night time remedy and your butt probably saying"howdy, i would like it on some of that sweet purple alleviation too!" whats up we hear your butt loud and clear.That’s why we also invented the pink seat cushion. Use it at work, on your automobile. Anywhere thatextra relief is needed. And the way well does it work? Good… That well. The seat cushion shall be despatched proper after our crusade cash. So you don’t have to wait to experience red’s lifestyles changing remedy. My brother and i have been engaged on mattresses and cushioning for two decades. We’ve dedicated our lives to making people at ease. And purple is the end result of these 20 yeaers. We’re fairly excited to share it first on Kickstarter. Crimson. No stress..

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