How to Make the Most Unique Primitive Bow Step by Step – bamboo sinew composite bow

Eliminate broken limb giant trees bamboo form new limb with rasp casting off waxy layer (rind) on again of limb grooving again of limb glue constituents on new limb form grip twisting sinew apart preparing in bundles mixing glue soaking sinew off damaged limb to reuse warming glue to correct consistency combing sinew into flat sheets including water to maintain moist follow glue to all parts each side set sinew sheet in position soft down with wet fingers wrap handle and siyahs follow extra glue reverse string and let cure disposing of excess sinew and shaping of limbs flat even thickness sandpaper to bring into tiller checking vigour balance – knee tillering consistently checking thickness taking away excessive spots preserving side profile taper counting strokes keeping limbs equal checking tiller and power steadiness desires to bend sufficient to be strung making ready siyahs for string checking profile small knee correction feeling balance in hand fix stiff spots cleansing edges casting off device marks leather dye common cordage wrapping bowyers mark making use of wax balancing limbs before shooting