Hotel Comfort Bamboo Sheets Review – Is Bamboo the Material for You?

[ music] Sarah: Hey people, it’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today I’ll be re-examine the Luxury BambooSheet specified from Hotel Comfort. I’m going to tell you a little bit about whatI like, what I don’t like, and for whom these will be especially beneficial. Let’s get started.[ music] Sarah: Now that we got the membranes on the bunked, let’s talk about what they’re made of. These sheets are made from 100 percent naturalbamboo fibers, which have a reputation of originating terribly, exceedingly soft material. The report contains several types of bamboo. This happens to be bamboo viscose, which isregarded as one of the softest types of bamboo. Many sleepers have equated the feel to silkor cashmere, for example. Each plan contains one top sheet, one fittedsheet, and two pillow disputes. This set that I’m testing is a queen sizeset, but if you do prescribe a king size set, it comes with king size pillow disputes. You’ll notice on most bamboo bedding commodities, there’s no thread count revealed. The general rule of thumb is, 1,000 threadcount of cotton to respond to 250 thread count of bamboo.Bamboo is definitely the softer information. Now that we know what these sheets are madeof, let’s see how they feel, and how well they stays on the mattress.[ background seems only] Sarah: As promised, the feel of these sheetsis incredibly soft. Really merely silky, light-headed, airy, breathablematerial. I can feel how it dangles over my person. I can’t stop scratching the material.I just think it feels so soothing and silkyon my scalp. The pillow suits are pretty vast. Like I said, this is a queen specified that I’mtesting. You would, of course, get king size pillowcases with a king size set. These are accommodating a jolly sizable pillowright now, and they’ve still got a little bit of area to spare. The opening has this nice flap of fabric, so that you don’t actually see inside of the pillow case, a neat aesthetic ethic there. A common ailment that sleepers have aboutsheets is that the fitted sheet becomes untucked throughout the night.Maybe they toss and turn, and wake to findthat the sheet has become untucked. I can tell you after reeling around quitea bit in these expanses, that has not happened. All four corners are still snugly stowed underthe mattress. Overall, these sheets have a great feel. Like I said, the essential points to meis how they feel on my mas, and to me these are incredibly soothing, pleasant, softsheets. For tribes who are looking for something silky, glowing, and breathable, these are a great option. The tolls of these expanses straddle from 249 to 450, but if a hypoallergenic expanse change will improve your quality of life, it mightbe worth it. There are a lot of things to like about thissheet set.To refer a few cases, the natural properties of bambooare to be sweat wicking and cooling, so if you heat up during the night, these will bebeneficial for you. Another immense thing about bamboo is it’s naturallyhypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, confidential scalp, these are especially beneficialfor you. Something enormou about Hotel Comfort is theylet you try these membranes for 100 dates before you have to make any decisions. That’s a very long time for even the most indecisivesleeper. My favorite thing about these membranes is justhow incredibly soft they are. They feel astounding on my scalp, and at the endof the day, that’s the most important factor for me. There are a few cons to this sheet defined. Firstly, the coloring I received does not exactlymatch the pigment represented on the website.It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re pickingsomething other than white, it’s something to bear in mind for sure. One other thing about these expanses is they wrinkleand crease easily. Regrettably, you cannot iron them, or itwould ruin information materials. If you want to get the wrinkles out withouthaving to go through the entire wash process, precisely fling them in the dryer on a low install, and shake the wrinkles out. One interesting thing about these sheets is whilethey’re lovely, light, and breathable, they’re very light, and truly not intended to keepyou warm. While they might be perfect for summertime experience, I would definitely switch to something heavier when the winter rolls around. Well, that’s it for now. To speak my full written scrutinize on the LuxuryBamboo Sheet defined, or to browse other bamboo concoction reviews, google Sleepopolis BambooReviews.If you spotted this review to be helpful, don’tforget to subscribe to our path, and demonstrate us a thumbs up. If you have any questions, please feel freeto ask in the comment section below. Well, that’s all for this video review. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you nexttime.[ music ].