Purple: Official Kickstarter Video

The mattress enterprise has a seriousproblem. The quandary is the mattress. And there is nothing quite like mattressshopping. Didn’t even feel me slide in there didyou? What? That is the reminiscence foam! Now let’s talk about what it is going to take to get you in such a! Wow! Comfy, and the craziest part is that youpay a premium for that kind of revenue experience. However howdy! For that cost with a bit of luck that you could subsequently sleep readily.Nope. Same historical mattress science, same ancient back ache. However what? We arescientists and reputable sleepers, and we knew of a better approach to sleep comfywithout having to pawn the dog. And that is why we invented red. The world’s first ever Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress. If it sounds a little sciencey, that is on the grounds that it’s. The only actual innovation in mattress tech considering the fact that 1926, when foam mattresses were cool. First-rate-grandma Sue was once one of these hipster.Purple is extremely at ease and is one-of-a-kind than any other mattress you’vetried. Let’s take a moment to appear at how pink compares to other mattresses outthere. Reminiscence foam isn’t fun for leaping. It allows for your body to sink in, then keepsinking, unless you’re caught, and scorching, and sweaty. Spring mattresses are enjoyable forjumping, however all those Springs want to do is spring up where you need them to sinkdown, inflicting you to sleep as with no trouble as pinball. Purple — though no longer great forjumping, is perfect for drowsing. Pink is delicate and company at the same time,depending on what subject of your physique it is touching.And crimson will by no means everleave a physique affect on your mattress. Why? Because we’re scientists and we made it that way. We design red how you may customdesign your high-quality buddy. You recognize — if you could try this. Pink will take thepressure so you don’t ought to, and it can be there to support you when and where youneed it the most. That suggests body alignment. When Purplefeels the strain, like under your hips and shoulders it, releases so that you cansleep comfy. Providing you with the aid you crave, and aligning your physique so youdon’t have got to preserve your chiropractor on retainer anymore. And pink is temperature impartial and enables for a lot of airflow, so no moresweaty nights. Because the avid sleepers that we are, we know that it takes your physique a bit time to regulate to a brand new mattress.And that is why we present a reliable-why-now not-are attempting-it-100-night-warranty. And on the off chance you don’t love it, noworries. We will opt for it up out of your condominium gratis. And you’ll get a wholerefund. Purple is the end result of 26 years of study and progress. We have been doing this for a even as, and our technological know-how has been licensed to brandslike, Nike, and, Dr. Scholl’s. So yeah we do be aware of what we’re doing, and here’s whatever to chew on: pink is made in america from entirely non-poisonous, meals-grade fabric that is correct. Meals grade however we like dozing onit better than eating it. And in red we sell direct to the patron which means that no middleman markups and no markups only for marking up sake. We suppose thateveryone should be equipped to afford the world’s fine mattress. You’re welcome. Now maybe you consider your mattresses all right. Good the purple mattress topper turns all right relief into all night time remedy and your butt probably saying"howdy, i would like it on some of that sweet purple alleviation too!" whats up we hear your butt loud and clear.That’s why we also invented the pink seat cushion. Use it at work, on your automobile. Anywhere thatextra relief is needed. And the way well does it work? Good… That well. The seat cushion shall be despatched proper after our crusade cash. So you don’t have to wait to experience red’s lifestyles changing remedy. My brother and i have been engaged on mattresses and cushioning for two decades. We’ve dedicated our lives to making people at ease. And purple is the end result of these 20 yeaers. We’re fairly excited to share it first on Kickstarter. Crimson. No stress..

Firm or Extra Firm? | Plank Mattress Review ( 2019 best mattress for heavy people ?)

– Hey sleepers, Keith here from Tuck. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress. This is a flipable, firm bed. So it’s got firm and extra firm. The question is, are you ready to walk it? Keep watching to find out. (upbeat music) Helping us test the mattress today we have lightweight sleeper Rachel, average weight sleeper Charles, and heavyweight sleeper Neil. To unbox the Plank mattress grab a friend and move it to its final destination. Remove the rolled packedmattress from the box, cut open the plastic andgive it about twelve hours to recover to its full height. The Plank is an eleven and a half inch flipable foam bed. The cover is made from ablend of polyester and cotton. There are two differentcomfort layers depending upon which side is up. The firm comfort layer consistsof one and a half inches of quilted foam over twoinches of TitanFlex Polyfoam. The extra firm comfortlayer consists of just three quarters of an inch of quilted foam.The support core consistsof seven inches of high density Polyfoam. While not as stiff as a board, this is a very firm mattress. The firm side falls atabout a seven out of ten on the firmness scale. And the extra firm side fallsat about nine out of ten on the firmness scale. The feeling is going to be a very hard bed. So it’s not going to be responsivebut it’s also not going to conform unless you’reparticularly heavyweight sleeper. To test for support we lookat the spinal alignment of all three of our sleeperswhen sleeping on their side. We found that the Planksupports all sleep weights well but does an especially good job supporting heavyweight sleepers. To illustrate motion isolation, we have our heavyweight sleeper Neil on one side of the bed moving around, and on the other we put aglass filled with water.The Plank performs surprisinglywell for a firm mattress. As you can see, when Neilmoves around the bed, the glass barely moves. And it performs slightlybetter on the firm side versus the extra firm side. Looking at the edge supporton the Plank mattress, we found that it supported all three sleeper weights well. There was barely any sinkage when sitting on the side of the bed. And none of our sleepersfelt that feeling of roll off when sleeping on the edge of the bed. Using our 2-D and 3-Dpressure mapping tools, we’re able to tell how mucha mattress is able to relieve pressure on a sleeper’s body. Despite being a very firm mattress, we found that averageand heavyweight sleepers actually did get a significantamount of pressure relief from the Plank mattress. And the lightweightsleepers did not get as much, as you’ll see some red inthe shoulders and hips, especially when sleeping on their side. It’s worth noting thatour average weight sleeper received the same amountof pressure relief on both the firm and extra firm side.But our heavyweight sleeperreceived more pressure relief on the extra firmside compared to the firm. Our assessment of temperatureneutrality found that the Plank sleeps fairlytemperature neural. And that’s in large partdue to the fact that it’s a very firm bed. So you’re going to be sleeping on it, rather than in the mattress. Now let’s take a minuteto hear from our sleepers. Alright Neil, what didyou think of the Plank? – I loved it. I prefer a firmer mattress and this one knocks it out of the park. – [Rachel] I really like something with a bit more plush, I guess. So just not quite my cup of tea.- [Charles] It’s definitely a firm bed. Way too firm for me. (Keith laughs) If you’re looking for great edge support, definitely want to go for this one. The firmness of it makes it so it doesn’t collapse on you, ever. – And what about heat retention? Did you notice any ofthat when you slept on it or did it stay cool? – No, stayed cool. Which is good becauseI’ll heat up at night. Yeah, this was a great bed for me. – Awesome, well thank you so much. – Yeah, you got it. – [Keith] Now let’s take a look at how the Plank stacked up inour mattress testing. This is a firm mattressso it really won’t conform to you and you won’tsink deeply into the bed.For support, we ratedthe mattress very good for light and averagesleepers and excellent for heavyweight sleepers. Motion isolation was verygood and so was edge support. Pressure relief was goodfor lightweight sleepers and very good for averageand heavyweight sleepers. And lastly temperatureneutrality was very good. Couple of take aways fromour mattress testing, the Plank is true to form. It is a firm bed, so ifyou like a softer bed, this is not a mattress for you. If you like the bounceof an innerspring bed, the Plank is an all foam bedand you’re not going to like it. If you like a firm mattress, the Plank is going to be great option.If you’re not quite sure where you fall on that firmness scale, you’re going to have two different options that should keep you happy. This is a great option forheavier weight sleepers. It’s firm, it’s reallynot going to give in or break down over time,as much as a lot of other options out there. Also back and stomachsleepers, will find the support they need with the Plank. Here’s some additionalinformation that you’ll want to know before purchasing this mattress. The Plank comes with one hundred twenty night sleep trial, ships free, and comeswith a ten year warranty.For all the latest discountsand pricing information, check the description belowor visit the full review on Tuck.com. That’s it for our Plank mattress review. Please give us a like andsubscribe to our channel if you found this helpful. If you have any questions,comments, concerns leave them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Sleep well..