Little Unicorn ABC Kids Expo Show 2016

Hello guys we’re here at Little Unicorn, sorryif you tuned in a 2d in the past, and acquired a tiny little clip, anybody bought in my approach so I hadto start over. I wanted to show you the brand new stuff that iscoming out with Little Unicorn. There is been some rather enjoyable matters, thatI can not wait to exhibit you. So they have their backpack, Marindale backpackavailable in Olive, coming quickly.And then also Olive of their Satchel, andthen they did Pomegranate of their Petite occur. And then now we have Olive in the show up, whichis fun after which they’ve Pomegranate within the Satchel and Navy in the Brookside Tote. So they may be popping out with some rather funcolors, no new luggage this year simply new colours. However what I can’t wait to let you know is- or showyou is the brand new prints. Oh my gosh we are obsessed. So this one i am obviously obsessive about,this has gold foiling, that is the quilt, it is to be had in a bamboo. But i love that contact of gold. And then some prints that we have now already obvious,we love the little red ladies, we’ve the wind flower, then they’ve this pretty grapefruitwhich is a pretty color, after which it has that dark Pomegranate appear on the back, which isreally stunning.They usually got here out with a adorable koi, kind ofhard to tell, it’s a bit more abstract, I definitely rather love this one. Then they’ve the fawn, and i truthfully thinkthis you can still learn girl or boy, particularly adorable. They have got yellow flower or yellow rose. And i’m not getting these names exactly rightI’m sorry. Feel free to ask questions when you wanna seesomething a bit bit longer. And then here we’ve crocodiles, and thenI think the only new one, these ones are all- we have these in inventory at babycubby.Com- okthis one is the last new one, its a mermaid.I just think its without doubt lovely. Most of their new ones are boy prints, theyhave one more single swaddle thats to be had, and they introduced that gold foiling in a stripewhich is, I just feel is definitely stunning, that one would go well for like blessing,youngster photographs, after which additionally they have a lot of these swaddles are to be had in like 3packs, 2 packs, after which a few of them are solely single swaddles. Let me understand when you have any questions, anythingelse you wanna see right here at the ABC show, let us know and we will try to get that finished foryou, tell us what you feel of the brand new line!