How to Make a California Roll | Sushi Lessons

now I’m going to show you how to build California roll you’re going to need a cucumber simply cut it off first and off slice one more time then you’re going to get the seeds up then julienne that’s your julienne cucumber this is avocado pick branches off then move 360 degrees change then you slice let’s see avocado now we are ready to roll Calpurnia roll seaweed bumpy line-up up this is a half seaweed with your hand and I’m going to do inside out inside the roll is rice is outside regular move is seaweed is outside so we’re going to spread the rice on the seaweed cover each corner each periphery with rice then we flip over so that our rice starts outside now I’m going to flip over crab cake avocado cucumber now pick up your bamboo with your thumb maintain other ingredients with your other four digits and coming in make it tighter pick up o and contour and then this is the masago you can do the submersible on the outside masago is using smelt raw so that’s your California roll so now I’m going to show you how to slice it in half firstly put in half again the half again that’s how you shape California roll