PureCare Elements Bamboo Sheets

Harness the solace and wellness of our TerreneBamboo membrane word part of the PureCare Elements sheet collection. Bamboo fibers are derived from the soft innerpith and leaves of the Bamboo tree. Latin for of the earth, the appoint Terrenerepresents this natural element of Bamboo. Terrene expanses are a blend of our bamboo rayontechnical textile and indulgence longstaple cotton in a premium sateen knit, provide a gentleand rich comfort. As an added design feature, our Bamboo linensinclude a slight pinstripe detail. In addition to using premium fibers, our TerreneBamboo sheets include peculiar construction facets that add to the comfort of your sleepenvironment. These include: a magnanimous 8 inch deep pocket on all pillowcases, helping to secure your pillow in the case. an additional 4 inches of fabric to the widthof each flat membrane, ensuring even coverage for any mattress altitude. PrecisionFit corners on the fitted sheet, specifying a snug, steady region fit on any mattresses up to 18 inches deep. and a 1 wide PrecisionFit elastic cuffaround the fitted sheet, helping to keep it in place throughout the night. These layout pieces impel Terrene bamboosheets the perfect assistant for either movable or standard cornerstone mattresses.Terrene sheets likewise ply a sleep surfacetreated with antimicrobial silver chloride to restraint bacteria, mold and mildew thatcause slump, discolours and odors on this produce. Let the elements of the earth work for youwhile Terrene Bamboo expanses create a cleaner, more comfortable sleep environment each andevery night ..