Purple: Official Kickstarter Video

The mattress enterprise has a seriousproblem. The quandary is the mattress. And there is nothing quite like mattressshopping. Didn’t even feel me slide in there didyou? What? That is the reminiscence foam! Now let’s talk about what it is going to take to get you in such a! Wow! Comfy, and the craziest part is that youpay a premium for that kind of revenue experience. However howdy! For that cost with a bit of luck that you could subsequently sleep readily.Nope. Same historical mattress science, same ancient back ache. However what? We arescientists and reputable sleepers, and we knew of a better approach to sleep comfywithout having to pawn the dog. And that is why we invented red. The world’s first ever Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattress. If it sounds a little sciencey, that is on the grounds that it’s. The only actual innovation in mattress tech considering the fact that 1926, when foam mattresses were cool. First-rate-grandma Sue was once one of these hipster.Purple is extremely at ease and is one-of-a-kind than any other mattress you’vetried. Let’s take a moment to appear at how pink compares to other mattresses outthere. Reminiscence foam isn’t fun for leaping. It allows for your body to sink in, then keepsinking, unless you’re caught, and scorching, and sweaty. Spring mattresses are enjoyable forjumping, however all those Springs want to do is spring up where you need them to sinkdown, inflicting you to sleep as with no trouble as pinball. Purple — though no longer great forjumping, is perfect for drowsing. Pink is delicate and company at the same time,depending on what subject of your physique it is touching.And crimson will by no means everleave a physique affect on your mattress. Why? Because we’re scientists and we made it that way. We design red how you may customdesign your high-quality buddy. You recognize — if you could try this. Pink will take thepressure so you don’t ought to, and it can be there to support you when and where youneed it the most. That suggests body alignment. When Purplefeels the strain, like under your hips and shoulders it, releases so that you cansleep comfy. Providing you with the aid you crave, and aligning your physique so youdon’t have got to preserve your chiropractor on retainer anymore. And pink is temperature impartial and enables for a lot of airflow, so no moresweaty nights. Because the avid sleepers that we are, we know that it takes your physique a bit time to regulate to a brand new mattress.And that is why we present a reliable-why-now not-are attempting-it-100-night-warranty. And on the off chance you don’t love it, noworries. We will opt for it up out of your condominium gratis. And you’ll get a wholerefund. Purple is the end result of 26 years of study and progress. We have been doing this for a even as, and our technological know-how has been licensed to brandslike, Nike, and, Dr. Scholl’s. So yeah we do be aware of what we’re doing, and here’s whatever to chew on: pink is made in america from entirely non-poisonous, meals-grade fabric that is correct. Meals grade however we like dozing onit better than eating it. And in red we sell direct to the patron which means that no middleman markups and no markups only for marking up sake. We suppose thateveryone should be equipped to afford the world’s fine mattress. You’re welcome. Now maybe you consider your mattresses all right. Good the purple mattress topper turns all right relief into all night time remedy and your butt probably saying"howdy, i would like it on some of that sweet purple alleviation too!" whats up we hear your butt loud and clear.That’s why we also invented the pink seat cushion. Use it at work, on your automobile. Anywhere thatextra relief is needed. And the way well does it work? Good… That well. The seat cushion shall be despatched proper after our crusade cash. So you don’t have to wait to experience red’s lifestyles changing remedy. My brother and i have been engaged on mattresses and cushioning for two decades. We’ve dedicated our lives to making people at ease. And purple is the end result of these 20 yeaers. We’re fairly excited to share it first on Kickstarter. Crimson. No stress..

Best bamboo pillow 2019 – TOP 10 bamboo pillow in amazon #kingsize #memorypillow #bamboopillow

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Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

still in the room with the Arlo but can I tell you these sheets are mind-boggling retail value is nearly a hundred and forty dollars so many times when I’m stood next to sheets on HSN I look at our monitors and I think they don’t look as good on cameras they do in real life I’m gonna take all that back these sheets look as good on camera if not I mean guys a real life perspective they are absolutely as beautiful as they appear we launched these 24 hours ago and they have been a huge hit everybody wants bamboo for so many reasons people love the anti wrinkle and crinkle people love the comfort and luxury and people love to sleep cooler this has cool plus built in which means that you will sleep two to three degrees cooler at night Chelsey and I bought two sets and then I got home and she said wife we only bought two sets so she bought another set well because I was on air in the rocky the producer bought three sets we had like everybody in the studio was like oh yeah I should get these I should get these the difference is is that we’re here and able to touch and feel it we’ll do our very best to convey how amazing these are but you absolutely should go all in and buy a set of these sheets Ellen Bunner is here Ellen to take I mean because they you weren’t supposed to be you know they called me this morning because this is such a beautiful set of sheets and if you shop with concierge collection before we have sheets for everyone but this is a combination that we’ve never done nothing and what I love about it it’s for everyone who loves bamboo ran from bamboo it’s luxury it’s silky it has an incredible drape and softness and coolness and then we added cool plus which is a fiber that actually is perforated so exceed and wick moisture so it’s this combination that everybody’s been searching for yes yeah and they’re beautiful beautiful not the colors that we’ve got on here you can see taupe is a million dollars right what I like you said you said it’s like a champagne toe my gosh Kashmir it really is that’s a perfect description because it’s not just a boring khaki no there’s nothing about this there’s normal and then the color we paired it with everybody even people that don’t normally get this color is getting this we call it the dusty rose not Dusty Rhodes that’s a wrestler not Dusty Rhodes dusty rose so these were those warm tones but then wait to see the bed that has the cool tones with the blue and the silver gray so I’m gonna run you through these there’s not a bad one in the bunch well so it’s not that this matters at all but we bought the white we all support it is great it’s I always say a neutral and a color but the neutrals are so pretty – so here’s the white I mean even the white the drape the weight of these the silkiness here’s the gray look at this gray it’s like a dove grapes like a silver it’s more a silver than it is it and I’ll tell you every host that I’ve done a show with lobbies and every producer yesterday and everyone on the crew that’s made the bed has bought these because we because they’re not normal these are a hundred and fifty dollar sheets normal retail price that we’re doing at forty nine ninety five with the five flex pay of course which gets at home but under $10 you know it’s hard when everything we present is so wonderful but I hope you can see in my eyes and in in Ellen’s eyes these are extra Extra Ordinary if you can you should order and you know what someone just asked me up front that was buying these gold she said I’m getting the King is that more this is another new color rakonin purple ash so it’s just a hint of color like a light light lilac yes look at it with it that’s heavenly right that’s heavenly right beautiful so there’s that then here’s the dusty rose that’s on the bed this is aqua now this is probably the most saturated color in this palette and these are also fade resistant yes as well as being shrink resistant so this color you don’t have to shy away from this blue oh my gosh we have this on the bed with the grey and it’s incredible look at the luster that comes off of these sheets sage green another really pretty neutral and then of course there’s that oh if you need extra pillowcases we do have them in standard or Kings to ask your representative about that I think the thing is Ellen we get a lot of people you can’t you want to go back to bed you might have only just got up you want to go back to bed but people always want to know about bamboo bamboo is regarded as like some of the best of the best it is and it’s very expensive right this is rayon from bamboo so you capture a lot of the qualities of bamboo that we love that being one of them the drape and the soft silky hand these will be the softest sheets you’ve ever felt and they’re not slippery so I’m gonna ask me that they have a nice weight to them so these are fifty five percent rayon from bamboo but just as exciting is what it’s woven with and it’s woven with a man-made fiber called cool plus and that fiber actually has microscopic slits through the fiber to make it breathable and moisture wicking so hot sleepers people if you’re sleeping on a hot mattress if it’s just hot you know every time you get into bed you wake up with heat buildup from your sheets look at these sheets the cool plus really mirrors what the bamboo is already doing naturally because bamboo is a porous fiber right that’s why it’s known for being breathable and moisture wicking and cool so this is only gonna add to that you’re getting more of what you want it’s a marriage made in heaven right really is so think about air flow and moisture so I want you to think of this would you work out in a cotton t-shirt if I worked out now you think about we always think of cotton is the most breathable and coolest right but but this is twice as breathable and cool as cotton because this is really designed to wick heat and moisture so if you perspire instead of your sheets getting sticky and clammy and heat buildup this actually pulls the heat and moisture away and evaporates I feel like I’m about to do a magic trick I’m kind of in myself I can elephants going to appear from babies and then we gotta go to that blue vents you can see if you can’t decide on watch color on which color you know you can do as many as you want all on flexpay you could buy five colors and spend $50 plus tax because you can do with them all on flex pay I I’m obsessed with the idea that we convey how good the sign I want to say this I promise you that when you get this home when you get this home when you open the box you will not take them out and touch them and say what were they talking about this is like a normal set sheet I swear to you you hand hand on heart as they say you’ll take this out and you’ll go okay those two crazy cats were telling the truth this is the nicest finest most luxurious softest most beautiful set of sheets you’ve ever seen or fell I know that’s I know I’m building this up and I don’t care because it’s worth every single penny I mean it’s so true when I first felt them it was funny you know what I did I took them out of the package and I my my family was in the living room and I ran around and I put it on I’m like you have to feel these I’m not kidding I’m like throwing the sheets over my family members because I want to mention too they are a 400 thread count I know that’s important to a lot of you guys so these are a luxury level but what’s different to like if you like cotton or you like microfiber this is something different right we never done it but the weightiness yes isn’t as light and wispy is a microfiber has a little substantial hand but these are durable I want to touch on something else they’re wrinkle resistant they are fade resistant and they’re shrink resistant and they do have a deep pocket let me show you that real quick because if you’re getting new mattress this weekend and we have a great one coming up are you doing doing maybe you’re getting a different size bed or you have a pillow top or a fiberbed 18 inch accommodation elastic all the way around so these will fit we’re gonna head over to our next bed incidentally if you want the the American Dream Dusty Rhodes is popular this day mistress it’s dusty rose not Dusty Rhodes I mean look look I know this does not sell this I don’t know this looks angelic her edible look at the sheen in the luster off of this bed I mean it is really stunning and you know sheets are so important right you slip into them you slip underneath them you want them to last you want them to be durable but you mostly want them to be soft it’s soaking comfortable and so many people complain about heat sure you know we want to sleep cooler you sleep better that way you wake up less often if you’re at that certain age I’m talking to the ladies out there and this heat at night when you sleep becomes an issue if if we can help it all with that I mean these are twice as moisture waking dry and cooling and comfortable as a cotton sheet so that’s I think it’s funny cause Ellen I was saying excuse me we’re kind of torn that’s a big story Ellen it is sleep cooler to be more comfortable but then you combine it with the bamboo and you’ve just got both great stories and then the value I can’t the value is incredible on this and I know that’s a small part of it but I mean it’s really the icing on the cake is just how affordable these are for what you’re getting I mean if you look at if you price what’s out there oh I mean even our $79 price music is a great value but well if you do price shop and price compare I mean if you look on the side of your screen or now on the bottom of your screen what you’ll see is we like to keep it moving around keep you on your feet without it what you’ll see is that you know retail value is upwards of a hundred and forty dollars these are high high quality sheets I mean this is really top top-tier stuff so you can buy sheets for all prices obviously but at $49 in the in the 13 years I’ve been at HSN I have never stood next to a set of $49 sheets and felt the way I do about these that’s why we ordered three sets yesterday what a big statement and Alan what would you agree I do thank you very much I do agree it is I mean this is really one of those that we’ve been really excited to get our hands on I want to mention one thing about care for these please okay this is just my advice okay I like your advice I would I would watch these alone but don’t put towels and things in with them right I would wash them maybe on delicate just because you’re gonna want to keep these them and I would dry them on low and skip the fabric softener you don’t need to do it and the reason why is these are very porous and breathable and if you want them to stay that way just use your dryer balls or something you know don’t put in fabric softener on it right no it’s great advice yeah it’s great advice we want these sheets do people clean anyway but I’m just saying if you want to really preserve what you’ve got no I’d rather know now I’d rather no no I’ll tell Chelsea when we get home as well so so we all know about it I just think you’re going to this is like a pool it’s like a pony it looks like a pool where’s my shot get me a peanut colada you know float it’s a mini it is really amazing and you know that’s why everyone here is responding I’m so glad you guys are responding I’ve only had these on one day yes it was a big day again that’s why I was over the moon when they said that they would allow us to present it we have four minutes left before our Chromebook and printer one of our other smart deals for the holiday weekend will go over the colors remember everybody pays the same low price whether you’re buying a twin full queen king or California king it’s only $49.95 if you do need extra pillowcases we have them available in standard or king-size now the pillowcases are much more limited in availability so order the pillowcases at the same time again you do get 2 pillowcases with it or one with the twin but if you like extra if you love a mountain of pillows on the bed order at the same time because I don’t want you to call in tomorrow and then be gone okay I think for those ladies that are into those beauty secrets these pillowcases are gonna be great for your scanners because they’re really really smooth very smooth yes yes so here’s your white great choice there’s your gray which I keep calling silver but it is gray the taupe the champagne – the dusty rose never be able to look at that thing I know I’m gonna say I will live with you then we have aqua we have your beautiful blue light blue can I just quickly say yes camera hooks the legend the icon are you the celebrity she guys is there anyway you don’t have to care the picture she doesn’t want a bit and I don’t I do either but folks Tamara is at the side of the scripture shout out Tamara this is that she’s ordering them as we speak everybody’s ordering these sheets everybody that’s in the know is ordering these what more what more can we say LM Bob the design team behind concierge collection they’re amazing they’re all sleeping on this I don’t want you guys to miss out it’s a great time to try something new and different or if you’ve been wanting to try bamboo for a while maybe you’ve been interested in that cooling technology this is a marriage of both yes it is it is and that our producer Jared just told me we found the item number and details for the matching pillowcases if you need them we’re gonna flash them up so you can see them and if you again if you need to order them at the same time I highly encourage you go for it it’s a wonderful wonderful way to get that full set there are no restrictions even though it’s a Labor Day holiday weekend sale so everything

How To Install Bamboo Screening – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to install bambooscreening. Material we need for the job are our nettingclips, our wire and our eyelets. Tools we need for the job are our drill, tapemeasure, screwdriver, pliers and our crimping tool. We’re going to install our eyelets into thefence to run our wire through to hang the bamboo fencing off. Now we’ve got three eyelets so we’re justgoing to fix them to the same heart of the rails of the fence, starting from the topand working down.I’ve got my drill with my drill bit so I’mgoing to do a pilot hole. A handy hint when fixing the eyelets to thefence is use a screwdriver, fit it through the eyelet like that, and then just turn it. Also too, when you’ve finished screwing inthe eyelet to the fence, make sure that it is running vertically to take your wire torun down the fence. Now we have our first row of eyelets in, we’regoing to go ahead and install the rest of our eyelets along our fence. Now, the distance that we have to span, we’regoing to go one in the middle and then one at either end.The next step in the process is running ourwire through the eyelets and tying it off at each end. You might need someone to give you a handwith this so I’ve got my mate Andy to come and give me a hand. He’s going to hold one end and we’re goingto measure our length of wire before we fit it through the eyelets. Thank you Andy. Now we’re going to cut it to length. When you cut it, it always pays to do 100mmextra than what you need so you’ve got wire to tie it off. Now that we’ve cut our wire, we’re going tofeed it through the eyelets and tie it off. So now that we’ve got our wires run throughour eyelets, we’re going to fix it off at each end. It’s just a matter of getting your wire andjust twisting it round each other and then snipping it off at the end. Now that we’ve got this end tied off, we’regoing to go down the other end and take tension on the wire and tie the other end off.It’s also a good idea that as you’re walkingdown the wire to stretch it out and take any kinks out of it as you’re working down it. Next step in the process is to roll out ourbamboo fencing, fixing the bamboo fencing to our wire with our crimping tool and ournetting clips. It’s just a simple process of putting thenetting clip in the crimping tool like that, and then applying pressure just to clamp itdown like that. We’re going to go ahead and crimp the restof the wire, doing spaces at three to four hundred as we go along on each wire.When we get to the next bamboo sheet, it’sjust a matter of rolling it out and butting it up to the existing bamboo sheet, and thencrimping it off. Now that we have crimped off our three wires,we’ve got a bit of an opening at the top up there. It’s just a matter of bringing them togetherand crimping them together on these two wires out of there. Now that we’ve got our bamboo screening rolledout against the fence, it’s just a matter of crimping off this end. Now it’s also a good tip that when you’recrimping it just to make sure that you crimp it through a loop of the wire, so you cantake tension on it and so it doesn’t slide down the wire.As you can see, we’ve come to the end of ourrun. We have a little bit of overhang. It’s just a simple matter of getting yourtin snips and snipping off each wire, leaving an inch overhang from the end of the eyelet. And that’s how you go about installing bambooscreening..

Firm or Extra Firm? | Plank Mattress Review ( 2019 best mattress for heavy people ?)

– Hey sleepers, Keith here from Tuck. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress. This is a flipable, firm bed. So it’s got firm and extra firm. The question is, are you ready to walk it? Keep watching to find out. (upbeat music) Helping us test the mattress today we have lightweight sleeper Rachel, average weight sleeper Charles, and heavyweight sleeper Neil. To unbox the Plank mattress grab a friend and move it to its final destination. Remove the rolled packedmattress from the box, cut open the plastic andgive it about twelve hours to recover to its full height. The Plank is an eleven and a half inch flipable foam bed. The cover is made from ablend of polyester and cotton. There are two differentcomfort layers depending upon which side is up. The firm comfort layer consistsof one and a half inches of quilted foam over twoinches of TitanFlex Polyfoam. The extra firm comfortlayer consists of just three quarters of an inch of quilted foam.The support core consistsof seven inches of high density Polyfoam. While not as stiff as a board, this is a very firm mattress. The firm side falls atabout a seven out of ten on the firmness scale. And the extra firm side fallsat about nine out of ten on the firmness scale. The feeling is going to be a very hard bed. So it’s not going to be responsivebut it’s also not going to conform unless you’reparticularly heavyweight sleeper. To test for support we lookat the spinal alignment of all three of our sleeperswhen sleeping on their side. We found that the Planksupports all sleep weights well but does an especially good job supporting heavyweight sleepers. To illustrate motion isolation, we have our heavyweight sleeper Neil on one side of the bed moving around, and on the other we put aglass filled with water.The Plank performs surprisinglywell for a firm mattress. As you can see, when Neilmoves around the bed, the glass barely moves. And it performs slightlybetter on the firm side versus the extra firm side. Looking at the edge supporton the Plank mattress, we found that it supported all three sleeper weights well. There was barely any sinkage when sitting on the side of the bed. And none of our sleepersfelt that feeling of roll off when sleeping on the edge of the bed. Using our 2-D and 3-Dpressure mapping tools, we’re able to tell how mucha mattress is able to relieve pressure on a sleeper’s body. Despite being a very firm mattress, we found that averageand heavyweight sleepers actually did get a significantamount of pressure relief from the Plank mattress. And the lightweightsleepers did not get as much, as you’ll see some red inthe shoulders and hips, especially when sleeping on their side. It’s worth noting thatour average weight sleeper received the same amountof pressure relief on both the firm and extra firm side.But our heavyweight sleeperreceived more pressure relief on the extra firmside compared to the firm. Our assessment of temperatureneutrality found that the Plank sleeps fairlytemperature neural. And that’s in large partdue to the fact that it’s a very firm bed. So you’re going to be sleeping on it, rather than in the mattress. Now let’s take a minuteto hear from our sleepers. Alright Neil, what didyou think of the Plank? – I loved it. I prefer a firmer mattress and this one knocks it out of the park. – [Rachel] I really like something with a bit more plush, I guess. So just not quite my cup of tea.- [Charles] It’s definitely a firm bed. Way too firm for me. (Keith laughs) If you’re looking for great edge support, definitely want to go for this one. The firmness of it makes it so it doesn’t collapse on you, ever. – And what about heat retention? Did you notice any ofthat when you slept on it or did it stay cool? – No, stayed cool. Which is good becauseI’ll heat up at night. Yeah, this was a great bed for me. – Awesome, well thank you so much. – Yeah, you got it. – [Keith] Now let’s take a look at how the Plank stacked up inour mattress testing. This is a firm mattressso it really won’t conform to you and you won’tsink deeply into the bed.For support, we ratedthe mattress very good for light and averagesleepers and excellent for heavyweight sleepers. Motion isolation was verygood and so was edge support. Pressure relief was goodfor lightweight sleepers and very good for averageand heavyweight sleepers. And lastly temperatureneutrality was very good. Couple of take aways fromour mattress testing, the Plank is true to form. It is a firm bed, so ifyou like a softer bed, this is not a mattress for you. If you like the bounceof an innerspring bed, the Plank is an all foam bedand you’re not going to like it. If you like a firm mattress, the Plank is going to be great option.If you’re not quite sure where you fall on that firmness scale, you’re going to have two different options that should keep you happy. This is a great option forheavier weight sleepers. It’s firm, it’s reallynot going to give in or break down over time,as much as a lot of other options out there. Also back and stomachsleepers, will find the support they need with the Plank. Here’s some additionalinformation that you’ll want to know before purchasing this mattress. The Plank comes with one hundred twenty night sleep trial, ships free, and comeswith a ten year warranty.For all the latest discountsand pricing information, check the description belowor visit the full review on Tuck.com. That’s it for our Plank mattress review. Please give us a like andsubscribe to our channel if you found this helpful. If you have any questions,comments, concerns leave them below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Sleep well..

How to watch TV in bed like a Pro! The Purple Powerbase

How to watch TV in bed… like a pro! Master your relax time with the Purple Powerbase. Perfect viewing angle… check! Back-button foot massage… check! Popcorn and a classic 80’s movie….. check! Get yours today at OnPurple.com! Change your bed. Change your life..