DreamFit Premium Bamboo-Rich Comfort Sheet Set

Hi. I’m A ordinary man AND i like average man things BASEBALL, HOTDOGS, MUSCLE cars, SILKY SHEETS AND because of this I SLEEP ON THIS SET FROM DREAMFIT. LET ME tell you a bit BIT extra ABOUT WHY i like THE SHEET SET so much. The extent 5 premium remedy rich performance SHEET SET FROM DREAMFIT EMPLOYS high-priced 70% RAYON FROM BAMBOO AND 30% COTTON BLENDED right into a SILKY delicate SHEET THAT WHISKS AWAY MOISTURE FROM the outside OF YOUR body. DREAMFIT COMBINES NEW PATENTED technological know-how WITH high nice materials FOR the most at ease dozing experience. Every SHEET WILL fit your MATTRESS WITH tailored PRECISION. Due to THE PATENTED guaranteed to suit and assured to remain ON nook STRAP DESIGN WITH tremendous powerful ELASTIC BINDING THAT ensures THE outfitted SHEET WILL stay ON ANY MATTRESS. THIS SHEET SET is naturally HYPOALLERGENIC AND MADE IN the united statesA OF IMPORTED materials. The additional colossal top SHEET WILL match ultra-modern TALL MATTRESSES AND THE bottom fitted SHEET contains ANY MATTRESS as much as 20 INCHES AND IT COMES WITH A 1 yr warranty.SO in case you are looking FOR the benefits OF usual substances AND SILKY soft relief appear TO DREAMFIT, you’ll BE pleased WITH WHAT YOU to find. In case you have ANY QUESTIONS do not HESITATE TO call OUR revenue staff AT 1-800-455-1052..