Chinese Street Food – ENTIRE BOWL ONE-NOODLE and Halal Beef Salad! | Yunnan, China Day 2

– [Mark] That has to be one ofthe coolest bowls of noodles that I’ve ever visible being made, ever. (upbeat tune) This complete bowl, is all only one noodle. That is one single noodle. (upbeat tune) good morning, i am hoping you’rehaving an mighty day, it’s Mark Wiens. We simply arrived to Weishan, which is in Dali inYunnan Province, China. And in these days is gonna beanother high-quality day, however a very diverse day of food in Yunnan. We’re beginning right here within the village, we’re gonna experience a number of bowls of noodles.After which after that we’llbe traveling an legitimate very good preserved Muslim village. But first, oh I believe we’ve got simply arrived. This is the spot for breakfast. Breakfast bowl of noodles number one. Hey! We’re gonna attempt to geta appear into the kitchen, the place they are assemblingthe bowls of noodles. And as quickly as you step in right here, this is, this is a meat sauna. You can smell the, these are pork noodles. And that you can smell theporky aromas again here. This can be a unique typeof rice noodle that is customary in this a part of Yunnan. However it’s rare to search out in other places, and it’s a rice noodlethat they make with, it can be no longer with raw ricepowder, but it’s made with pre-cooked, rice that’scooked, after which floor, after which made into noodles.It comes with two add-ons, one is the bowl of noodles, with soup. And the other is the bowl of pork with all of the seasonings, spices. So what you do is youtake some of the noodles and also you dip them into the soup with the pork and all the spices earlier than you consume it. After which it comes with somepickles, there’s some peanuts, there’s some justwonderful watching matters.The soup is a pork bone soup, you will find how it’salmost milky in color, how it’s been boiled for so long. I simply have to style the simple soup first. Mmm, mmm. Fairly, really wealthy. Slightly bit, now not too oily. And it can be now not salty but. After which that is the soupthat’s stuffed with taste. You will find the pork, there may be skin, oh, look at that. Oh, it is like pulled pork andthen only a chunk of skin, after which she added in a few scoops, she requested me if I desired it spicy, which, of direction I had to say yes.So seem at that soup, it’s simply, oh there is chili oil in there, it is, k, lemme simply taste this. There’s sesame seeds in there as good. Oh, oh that is best. It is now not sweet in any respect, it’s just you could relatively style thesesame seeds in there. That has a excellent chili burn to it, and then it is porky. Ok, into the soup. I mix it in with some of that pork. Oh that appears notable. Oh, that is sensational. It can be relatively quality and spicy. The sesame seed oil flavorin there fairly stands out. After which the pork is solely, simply fall aside like shredded delicate. The noodles are very fine and delicate.They’re now not like tender, and they’re only a tinybit gummy in texture. The noodles and the soup broth,are very plain on their own, however the entire flavor is coming in that pork, and that seasoning, andall those spices in there. And that’s uncommon taste. Ok, now i am gonna are attempting tofish out that piece of epidermis. Oh, mmm. Oh that simply, that actually justdisintegrates on your mouth. Oh you do not have to chunk that. It’s just fully soft.And it tastes adore it’s beenboiled and rendered down so it can be quite often epidermis andlike collagen I believe. Mmm. That one has a littlebit of a sweet style. And peanuts. However this broth, is subsequent stage. (upbeat track) Oh, what a approach to start this morning. And it can be even better on account that it’s type of bloodless and rainy external. That is, that hits the spot.Many of the constructions inthis historical city of Weishan date again to the 1400’s. And this used to be one of the most strongholds of the kingdom in Yunnan. And it’s so good preserved,it is so attractive. I really like how it’s quiet,and it can be so charming. So we’re simply gonna walkaround for a little bit, and then after that we’re gonnaeat an extra bowl of noodles. (upbeat track) ok, we’re just stoppingat a road meals stall right here. – Yeah, this is like Dali’s area of expertise, so this is truly therice cake’s identical texture with the rice noodle we just had. – [Mark] it can be like a sheetof the noodles that we just, k maintain on for this. (engine starting) what’s the identify of it again? (talking international language) – after which the noodle is (talking overseas language) – [Mark] Ah, ok. (talking international language) – manner strips (speakme international language) – means whatever larger. – [Mark] very well. (talking foreign language) – [Mark] Oh she puts that inside it? – [Female] Yeah, yeah.- [Mark] Oh wow. – [Female] whatever further. (speakme foreign language) [Mark] Yep. Oh yeah however we will are trying it right here. (speaking international language) – [Mark] sort of like burrito variety. Yeah this looks and smells high-quality. Mmm. (laughs) Oh, oh that is very very tasty. Variety of dense, becauseyou’ve acquired that rice, that rice tortilla. And then you have received the crispyfluffy donut on the inside, however you’ve gotten acquired all that flavoring. The chili sauce, the picklesgo in there very properly.The peanuts. K. And it is a snack we are able to eatwhile strolling around I think. (speaking foreign language) – That used to be fine walkingaround the historic town and we are going for walks down an alley now to go eat our next bowl of noodles. Oh so this is the one noodle right here. (upbeat song) Wow, that’s potent. And we’re right here to eatwhat is called One Noodle, considering it quite is one strand of noodle. (speakme foreign language) – [Female] that is things youput on prime of the noodle soup subsequently.(upbeat music) (talking international language) (laughs) – [Female] Yeah, you disregard at any time when. (laughs) – [Mark] That needs to be one ofthe coolest bowls of noodles that i have ever visible being made, ever. It’s simply, it’s simply abeautiful murals how she prepares that bowl of noodles. And it really, on your bowl,you may have one single noodle. And from what Lucy was telling me about this particular restaurant,this is the original situation to devour this One Noodle. And they received the sector record, the China record for thelongest noodle in all of China. I suppose that they had a noodle competitors, oh yeah you will see that on the partitions, one of the pictures thatthey have on show. They made a noodle that was acouple kilometers in length. So they are able to make, you get one noodle right here, that is all you eat is one noodle. So as to eat this bowlof noodles you ought to eat it multi function chew.No, i am simply joking. (laughs) you can destroy the noodle, it’s ideal to interrupt the noodle. But seem at that, it can be just coiled round one million times, that’sall just a single blob. This complete bowl, is all only one noodle. That is one single noodle. I guess I without doubt haveto are attempting the one noodle first. (chuckling) Mmm. Oh. No longer handiest is it one noodle, butthat one noodle is robust. It’s gummy, it can be not overcooked, it can be slightly bit al dente. It is like a best thickness.Mmm, and that’s like chili oil soup, that you could style theschezwan pepper in there. After which that is somekind of garlic and water. Oh, great. Okay, I believe that’sgood for my seasoning. I forgot somewhat bit of vinegar in there. That is a quite excellent noodle. Now lemme style a few of that broth. On the top is kind of some chili oil. However the it’s a, kind of a meaty, style of a thick broth. Mmm, mmm. Oh with that garlic in there, i really like that garlic in there. That contemporary garlic. Oh that provides this kind of littlething that provides a lot. The most spectacular thingabout that bowl of noodle used to be observing her makeit and bowl the noodle. That was once, that was a sight to peer. We’re just exiting out the old gate. That used to be, it is a really niceplace that you would be able to seek advice from.And i am beautiful full of noodles correct now. From here we’re drivingto a good-preserved typical Muslim village. And they’re known for his or her food as good, so we’re gonna observe andeat some more delicious food and just walk round that village subsequent. (upbeat song) we now have just arrived to Donglianhua, and in chinese language that interprets to: the japanese lotus pond village. And so that you come into thisvillage, its most likely beautiful. At the entrance, there’s a lotus pond. After which it’s surrounded via rice fields. It is an historical Muslim village. And from what Lucy used to be telling me, it is now not a touristy village at all, so there is now not like souvenir shops. It’s not like an appeal village. But it’s probably the most good-preserved Muslim villages in this whole field. And so we’re gonna have a danger to consume, after which we’re gonna have a threat simply to walk round and spot.There may be additionally some verywell-preserved mosques as well. (horn honks) we are on our strategy to goto one of the most courtyards where there’s a ladywho, she has a courtyard, she has a apartment, she hasrestaurant, she cooks. It is gonna be some scrumptious food. Seem at this grand entrance, this gate. And the decoration, the portray. And step inside here. There is artwork, there’sartwork, it is so quiet, it is so peaceable, and this iswhere we’re gonna consume lunch. Something that’s very intriguing to me, because my spouse is Thaiand we’re headquartered in Bangkok, we’re situated in Thailand. Is that the loved ones who owns this property, and this courtyard, shewas simply explaining to us that their household had to flee to Thailand and so they lived inChiang Mai for a long time. And so they have rootsboth here in Yunnan, and Chiang Mai as good in Thailand.(talking international language) – [Mark] We’re in the kitchen now, and he or she’s gonna be making acouple of exceptional dishes. The very first thing that she’s making is a Muslim Yunnanese form noodle. And the major ingredientsthat she stated are principally the greenpumpkin, as good as potato. And now she just finishedchopping up some cured goose, which she got out of the freezer, and that is gonna also flavor the noodles. And he or she’s gonna, we’llsee what else she makes. (meat scorching) (talking international language) – [Female] that is the ginger. – [Mark] the beef, beef and ginger? – [Female] Yeah. (meat scorching) – [Mark] This one isstill for the noodles? – [Female] Yeah, yeah. (meat scorching) – [Mark] She added particularly a beneficiant amount of oil to the wok, after which she brought in probably the most red meat which is already reduce into little pieces. After which she introduced in a bunch of onions, and then in goes the tomatoes. But wow, that aroma isalready smelling extremely good. (speaking international language) – [Mark] All theingredients that she cooked are for the soup of the noodles, however now she’s certainly makingthe noodles from scratch with flour and mixing in some water, and just reasonably kneadingit and massaging it.(speakme overseas language) – [Mark] it can be numerous effort, and it’s various work,but i will guarantee you that the effect is gonnabe greater than impressive. (talking overseas language) – [Mark] The dough is resting and rising. She’s gonna get started on abeef salad that she’s making. (speakme foreign language) – [Mark] She has alreadyprecooked the beef, seeing that the meat takes, itactually takes days to prepare. However she’s showed us some of the raw red meat. She massages it in salt, after which let’s that relaxation for 2 days. And then the meat is braised in a broth and liquid that containsmany distinctive spices. There may be black cardamom, andthere’s schezwan peppers, there may be dry chili, there’s caramel, which is what makes the broth rather dark. And then that’s braisedfor a number of hours as a minimum. I sincerely had no clueas to how she was once gonna assemble a salad, butshe is just spiraling it. Like spokes on a wheel. Oh, that is lovely. (speakme foreign language) – [Mark] She’s just hand ripping them into the boiling water.Oh i really like this kind of noodle. And similar to, hard homestyle noodles. (upbeat music) The noodles back in. (speakme international language) (upbeat music) (talking international language) – It maintains getting more and more difficult, she keeps including matters. She had a separate pan of the soup broth, which is beef bones broth she then boiled. After which she drained thewater out of the noodles and put the noodles backinto the meat broth. Then she introduced the goose, cured goose fats. And goose, then she, ohand she’s dishing it out. Then she delivered the pumpkin combination, she introduced the onions beef combination, and it’s capable. Wow, that looks hearty. (speakme overseas language) (upbeat music) (speakme international language) – i am jogging out ofthe kitchen just amazed, just flabbergasted. What a meal, she is a grasp chef. Ok, so we’re within the courtyard, we’re sitting down for lunch now.This is a picture perfectsetting, it is gorgeous. The courtyard, the surroundings,and her cooking on high of that. I’m like overwhelmed correct right here. The food looks incredible. The beef salad is notonly one of the crucial prettiest pork salads I’ve ever seen in my life, it maybe probably the most prettiest dishes I’ve ever noticeable in my existence. On the bottom you’ll seeit’s all shredded radish as well as extra of that equal dressing. And it can be just, it’s simply filled. So I suppose which you could type of get a little bit bit of the whole lot with that pork. Oh, wow. That’s sensational. Oh, that is beautiful. Mmm. Oh that pork is so soft. And the flavour is solely embedded within the veins of that pork. And it’s, oh that’s severe taste. And then you will have obtained that fairly crisp, fairly fresh radishshreds on the bottom there.You have got bought that dressing, youcan style all that chili oil. That you may rather style the sesame oil, and the sesame seeds in there. And next up for the noodles, which she made completelyfrom scratch, by way of hand. Sheets of noodles, there may be onion in right here. Oh man, this looks, itdoesn’t get more energizing than this. Mmm. Oh, oh wow that is gorgeous. These noodles are so silky tender. They’re not like gentle,like skinny noodles, these are hearty, moderately thick, a little bit gummy. But which you can taste the differencein how they’re handmade. It is without doubt gorgeous. Implausible. That is a type of dishesthat will trade your lifestyles. The final dish we bought hereis pumpkin, steamed pumpkin.And he or she made this with some ginger, and this just looks scrumptious as well. Oh, even the pumpkin’s extremely good. It’s like soften to your mouth. Oh, that texture. It is particularly particularly aromatic. It’s a bit bit sweet. It’s, mmm, it can be now not starchyat all, however extra silky. (talking overseas language) (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Mark] this is one of those dishes that I under no circumstances need to end. I simply want it to be an everlasting dish. It is obviously insane. (upbeat tune) (sighs) – each single bite of thissalad, has just blown me away. (upbeat track) (speaking overseas language) – k. I had no proposal what to anticipate after we first entered this gate, but now i will safelysay that you will in finding some of the world’s greatestbeef salads behind this door. And those are particularly recipes and dishes that have beenpreserved via her loved ones and they’re quite tough to seek out.She made it with love. That was once an honor to have any such culinary expertise like that. Chickens for sale. (chickens clucking) (talking international language) (upbeat tune) – [Mark] we have now just arrivedto the village mosque, and it’s an extremelywell-preserved wood mosque. Which dates again to the Ch’ing Dynasty, someday around the 1700’s. And up here there may be a tuition. Wow, this is beautiful architecture. A couple of flights of steps andwe made it to the very prime.Wow, the views are remarkable. And you will find over the complete courtyard of the mosque on this facet, after which over right here on this facet, you could have obtained a quality view of the valley, and the mountains in the history. And rice fields external of the village. (upbeat music) (speakme overseas language) – We’re in Dali new town right here. And we’re at a restaurant tonight, to devour an ethnic chinese language sort of food which is Jingpo meals. (speaking foreign language) – [Mark] there may be just arainbow stuffed with elements that is so many ingredientson the desk, and seasonings.I saw some grasshoppers that we’re gonna are trying as well for dinner tonight. All of the dishes are able. Now we have obtained a bit little bit of afeast here for dinner tonight. There may be so many dishes on the desk, I consider we’ve at least10 exceptional dishes. It can be really interesting forme in gazing them cook dinner. This food, the Jingpo meals, it comes from the regionof China which is close to the border of Myanmar. And that is type of the subject the place China, as well as Myanmar,and Thailand, and Laos, that discipline where thecultures all come collectively. And that’s the, so the food you will discover many similarities of constituents.It’s colorful, there is chilies, there is plenty of recent herbs. And only a colourful spectrumof distinctive dishes. On the grounds that the grasshoppers happento be right in front of me, i am gonna start with the grasshoppers. She deep fried them, and then just professional them with a little bit of powdery seasoning. So these will have to be crispy and wonderful. Oh, look at how golden they are. Oh yeah, these are good. They have got a bit of bitof a sausagey taste, and best and crispy. A distinguished snack. Subsequent up i’m gonna trysome of the bird salad. That is considered one of their signature dishes. It can be shredded bird, and then she combined it with minced chili. There’s some herbs in there, and there’s some chilies on the facet too. Which you could taste a little bit bitof the chilies in there. Oh, oh, that chili’s prettysweet, and just a little bit spicy. Okay, over right here is one oftheir signature dishes, which is fried ribs, with lemongrass. And i like how hard cut it is, just like a stack of lemongrasson the top of this dish.Mmm hmm. Oh these are awesomely excellent. The pork is exceptional and crispyfrom being deep fried. This one is a minced pork salad, and again it can be very finely chopped with lots of herbs in there. There are peanuts in here, and chilies. And this looks very very Thai or Burmese. – [Female] White celery. – [Mark] Oh, it’s whitecelery in there too. Mmm. Oh that one is, that one is brilliant. It can be extremely fresh. To me it virtually tastes like Tabbouleh, like parsley that’s beenchopped up like that. This one is ferns and that i thinkshe just blanched the ferns, after which it’s served with this sauce. This sauce looks outstanding. Mmm. Oh that sauce is extraordinary. And it can be a yellow peapaste style of like block, and then she style of mixed itup with some spices as well.There may be some chilies, and there’s both recent chilies and dried chilies in there. Mmm. Oh. You realize that is no longer the mostattractive looking dish, but it surely’s quite tasty. It has this extremely good smokey taste, and then it’s a bit of bit starchy, a bit bit goopy, butthe flavor’s mighty. This one is an omelet that he made with mountaineering wattle shoots.And that is very popularin Thailand as good. Mmm. Ok, it’s a littlebit of an oil sponge. But it is pretty tasty. The mountain climbing wattle has a excellent like kind of green taste to it. I believe the last dish is thebanana blossom salad, or combine. Mmm. Oh that is particularly good,it can be relatively really juicy. (speakme international language) (laughs) – [Mark] It virtually hasa cheesy style to it.(upbeat music) (laughs) ok, we just made it back to the hotel. Most likely the highlightfor me at present although, was that Muslim Yunnanesebeef salad that aunty made. That was one of the crucial dishesthat i will by no means put out of your mind, ever. I wanna say a large thank you to Lucy, she was our consultant in these days andshe brought us all over the place. And in addition to Frank from Zouba tours for organizing the whole lot,he set everything up.And colossal thanks to you for staring at this chinese language meals tour of Yunnan video. Please remember to give it athumbs up when you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear from you inthe comments part below. And for certain when you’renot already subscribed, click on subscribe now. I’m gonna be publishing lotsmore meals and travel movies. Thanks once more for observing,i will see you on the following video..